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Mother Nature's Treasure Trove
Spread across 4,343 sq. km. of the formidable Titiwangsa Mountain Range is Taman Negara- the world's oldest tropical rainforest. A sanctuary to hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, insects fish and plants. Home to Malaysia's friendly aborigines, the Orang Asli.

Come discover the living treasures Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it's shooting thrilling rapids, exploring spectacular caves, tackling a 20 pound fish, scaling Peninsula Malaysia's highest mountain, trekking through dense, tricky forest pathways or swimming in crystal clear pools, Malaysia's National Park is a natural paradise you must experience. An adventure of a lifetime awaits you here.

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Taman Negara July Fest
Each year in July, Taman Negara comes alive with the sound of celebration. A grand variety of cultural performances like Traditional dances and shows are held over a week. Fun and games like treasure hunts and telematches are organised for visitors. In addition, a mini exhibition showcasing handicrafts of Batek tribe and souvenirs is held.


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