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Photo by Mohd Ashraf Mohd Arshad

Nature at its Peak
image loading, please wait The Kinabalu region is on the west coast of Sabah,'The Land Below the Wind'. Here sits South-East Asia's highest peak,the mystical Mount Kinabalu,rising a grand 4,101 metres above sea level.

Kinabalu holds the promise of many exhilarating moments for its visitors. Tour Kota Kinabalu,the bustling capital city of Sabah, or retreat to Kinabalu Park, a paradise for naturalist, botanist, bird watchers, mountaineers or just about anyone who wants to be close to nature. The park is home to incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna including the Rafflesia,the world's largest flower. Scale the 'home of a dragon', Mount Kinabalu or indulge in some thrilling white-water rafting action down fast-flowing turbulent rivers. Whatever you choose,excitement awaits you right here in Kinabalu.

Wonders of Kinabalu

Keamatan Festival
Held in May each year, this ritualistic celebration is held to pay homage to the rice spirits for a splendid harvest. The festival is celebrated with various events filled with pomp and splendour.


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