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Nature's Private Island
Pangkor lies of the west coast of Perak in Peninsula Malaysia. For thousands of years, it was the refuge of seamen who sailed through the Straits of Malacca, thanks to its many idyllic bays. Pirates, adventurers, merchants and soldiers of furtune alike are mesmerised by their charming beauty.

Today, despite Malaysia's fast-paced progress, Pangkor remains a haven for visitors seeking a return to nature. Bask in glorious sunshine on her golden beaches. Catch sight of fishing boats rocking gently on her calm waters. Get close to nature when you trek through her virgin jungles. Or experience the warm, friendly hospitality of her people. Whichever you choose, Pangkor will thrill you.

Treasures of the Island

On the Mainland
Lumut is the gateway to Pangkor from Peninsula Malaysia. Located about 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, this quaint coastal town boasts a few attractions of its own. Like Teluk Batik, a popular beach playground and site of the annual Lumut Festival.


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