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Malaysia is situated right in the heart of South-East Asia and consists of Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak.

With a population of about 18 million,one of the extraordinary facets of Malaysia is indeed its people. Made up mostly of Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous indigenous people,the country's racial, religious and cultural harmony is something you'll truly come to appreciate. Naturally,from this richly mixed populace spawns an endless list of festivals and celebrations, all year round.

Visitors to Malaysia will also marvel at its natural beauty. From idyllic sandy beaches to lush tropical rainforests. From its majestic mountains to its enchanting islands. But perhaps what will facinates you even more is how a country racing towards the future treasures its natural heritage. Come see how 100 million-year-old rainforests continue to flourish even as skyscrapers reach for the stratosphere. And discover quaint traditional villages thriving next to bustling city centres.

Being a premier tourist destination, Malaysia boast a well planned infrastructure to help make your visit here as convinient and comfortable as possible. The impressive North-South and East-West Expressways link nearly all the major cities in the peninsula. Transportation is well-managed and there are many options for you to choose from to travel around. A wide range of accommodation from world class hotels to medium and budget-priced ones is readily available.

This broucher can only attempt to impress you with some of the excitement, the magnificence and the pulsating experiences Malaysia offer. Nothing beats a visit to its many facinating destinations.

For more information on Malaysia, please contact your travel agent or nearest Tourism Malaysia office.


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