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Selamat Datang Ke
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penghargaan / appreciation
These are the people that helps me through those boring days, Many Thanks
Sharifah Mazlina Syed A Kadir -for your morale support
Dimyati Kamidi, Darnata Yusak, Dzulkiflee Zainal Abidin, Zainal Adin, Aznam Mutalib, Yue Seng Fatt, Hasan Basri, Rosly Kassan, Hj Abdollah Moosay, Zaini Razak, Syed Anuar, A.Razak Manan, Hanim Zahari, R.Menon, Ashraf, Wong Fot Jaw, Azmi Mahamad, Rohana Abdul Hamid, all the people who knows me... and Jariah Mohamed Ros -my mother

anak kucing lari
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